Canada Collegiate Institute (CCI) is a virtual secondary high school (Grade 9 to 12) in Ontario, Canada. At CCI, we provide students with a nurturing learning environment. We offer courses from Grade 9 to 12 as per Ontario Ministry of Education Curriculum. Our rigorous school curriculum is globally focused and we prepare our students to enter into universities and colleges in Canada and internationally. 

We welcome grade 9 to 12 students from  anywhere in the world to study at CCI. This will pave the way of international students to come to Canada.


Why Join Us

  • Academic excellence and leadership
  • Quality education by experienced Canadian teachers
  • Live lessons using video conferencing tool
  • Online Learning Management System
  • Regular Assessments and feedback
  • We prepare our students to get admission into excellent Universities and Colleges in Canada.


Students from anywhere in the world can take admission into CCI in a grade from 9 to 12 if the requirements are fulfilled. Students with higher academic performance will be given priority for admission. Students must be good in English.  Please contact admission@canadacollegiateinstitute.com for details.

Registration and Tuition Fees

Upon getting admission you can register to enroll courses for a term or a full year. The courses offered and the tuition fees to be paid will be informed once admission is accepted. Please do not pay any money to anybody except the school account that is sent in the admission acceptance letter. Our guidance councilor will guide you to choose the courses that are required to take admission into the programs that you are planning for post secondary education. Please contact admission@canadacollegiateinstitute.com for tuition fee, courses and other details.