About us

Canada Collegiate Institute (CCI) is a virtual high school (Grade 9 to 12) in Ontario, Canada. At CCI, we provide students with a nurturing learning environment. We offer courses from Grade 9 to 12 as per Ontario Ministry of Education Curriculum. Our rigorous school curriculum is globally focused and intellectually prepares high school students for entering into universities and colleges in Canada and internationally. CCI is a 21st century school, providing unparalleled education to our students.


CCI students are developing critical thinking, problem- solving and digital literacy skills to challenge and thrive in a continuously shifting society and an intricately complex globalized world. We prepare students for admission into competitive programs in excellent universities and colleges. We inspire students to be the next leaders and innovators in Engineering, Science, Technology and Commerce. CCI is more than a place for learning curriculum, we are a supportive community inspiring our students to reach and achieve excellence academically and personally.